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34 hotels selected, introduced to serve APEC 201

34 hotels in Da Nang (including 14 5-star hotels, 12 4-star hotels and 8 3-star hotels) were introduced by the Department of Tourism of Ho Chi Minh City, APEC National Commission appraised and provided to the city economy. students choose when attending the 2017 APEC Summit

On October 14, Standing Deputy Director of Danang Tourism Department Tran Chi Cuong said that in preparation for the APEC Summit 2017 (referred to as TLCC) will take place from November 6 to 11, Department of Tourism. Da Nang calendar has participated in survey missions, advised the City People's Committee to submit to the APEC National Committee to approve the plan of hotel allocation (KS) for the delegations; advise the City People's Committee in writing to request service businesses to ensure service price stability during the event ...

Specifically, to serve more than 10,000 people who are senior leaders of 21 member economies, leading enterprises in the world, international journalists ... attending High Quality, there were 34 KS (14 KS 5 stars). , 12 4 star hotel and 8 3 star hotel) with a total of 4,638 rooms introduced. Including the group of formal and backup KSBs serving heads of state and international delegates attending High-Quality Service; group of hotels arranged to serve businessmen, newspapers, entourage ...

“According to calculations by the APEC National Committee, we have provided enough KS lists for delegations of 21 economies as well as business delegations, the press ... to actively contact and book through channel of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and APEC National Committee of Vietnam. Currently, the number of hotels provided to the delegations is very guaranteed, nothing mutated! ”- Ms. Truong Thi Hong Hanh, Deputy Director of Danang Department of Tourism added.

According to Ms. Truong Thi Hong Hanh, the hotels selected to be introduced to serve high-quality goods must be granted a certificate of construction safety by the Department of Construction, the Fire Prevention and Fighting Police Department will issue a certificate of fire safety safety, the City Police Department will issue a certificate of security security and order; Department of Health issued the certificate of food safety and hygiene and finally, the Department of Tourism issued the certificate of accommodation class, proving the quality of customer service.

For the KS group that welcomes the heads of state, after being introduced by the Danang Tourism Department, the APEC National Committee and the Security and Health Sub-Committees of the Central Government will check and introduce to the economy. In addition, the front line delegation of the economy will also choose KS for its head. On that basis, Vietnamese authorities will check and compare with the standards and agree with the delegation of economies.

“For KS groups introduced to business people, the press, entourage ... are also assessed by the functional departments to meet security, safety and service quality standards. In short, the selection of hotels to introduce to serve high-quality goods is carried out very closely, thoroughly evaluated! ”- Ms. Truong Thi Hong Hanh emphasized.

Meanwhile, Ms. Le Thi Ai Diep, Head of the Accommodation Management Department, Department of Tourism of Da Nang, said that over the past time, the Department of Tourism of Da Nang had organized 05 meetings to thoroughly understand logistics for the high-quality service. Including 03 meetings to thoroughly grasp the preparation of events for the KS groups (including the group of official and reserve hotels for heads of state delegations, international delegates attending the High-Quality Hotel; group of KS hotels announced serving businessmen, the press, entourage ...; the remaining 3-5 star hotels, apartments, tourist villas and group of 1-2 star hotels).

Along with that is a meeting to thoroughly understand the preparation of events for travel agencies, tourists and guides; 01 meeting to thoroughly grasp the preparation of event catering for tourist destinations, standard service facilities for tourists, culinary establishments, shopping, entertainment.

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